Invacare Alu Lite – Lightweight Transit Wheelchair


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Invacare Alu Lite Lightweight Transit Wheelchair

The Invacare Alu Lite is the basic entry-level Lightweight Transit Wheelchair in the Invacare manual range. The lightweight aluminium construction of this transit wheelchair, makes it easy to manoeuvre even for an elderly carer, as well as providing a wheelchair that is easy to fold and transport.

Black plastic Buckle Belt
Frame Colour: Blue
Backrest: Half folding
Seat: Choice of 2 seat widths and 1 seat depth: 16″ x 17″ and 18″ x 17″
Footrest Support: 60 Degree Swing in/out Detachable
Arm Style: Fixed armrest long pad
Rear Wheels: 12″ 2¼ with Fixed axle and Solid tyre
Front Castor: 8″ x 1″ Solid
Brakes: Attendant Pull to Lock

Easy to transport and store

Being lightweight (aluminium chassis), compact and with a foldable backrest, the Invacare Alu Lite Lightweight Transit Wheelchair is very easy to handle, transport and store. Simply remove the footrests, fold the backrest and chassis and store away.

Pushing? No problem!

The overall manoeuvrability of a wheelchair is crucial – which is why the Alu Lite Lightweight Transit Wheelchair is designed to be very easy to push and manoeuvre, both indoors and outdoors. Due to the smaller overall dimensions and general compactness of this model, getting around in tight spaces is never a problem.

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Additional information

Seat Width

16" x 17" Seat Width/Depth, 18" x 17 Seat Width/Depth